Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

1. Why aren't there many instructions for use with these applications?
We have designed these apps to be user-friendly. They are very simple to use. We invite you to explore the many ways they can be used to make backgrounds for your own website projects. We will continue to provide information and tutorials as the site evolves.

2. Why does my image look wrong when I download it to my computer?
There are two reasons why the image might look strange when you download it to your computer:
(1) Your operating system or image editor shrinks it to a smaller size. You can usually just click on the image, and it will enlarge to the right size. Your image will not appear this way if it is used on the pages of your website.
(2) Some image editors don't render transparency properly. Again, this is no problem. It will display properly on the pages of your website.

3. Will there be more graphics programs in the future?
We plan to add several more graphics applications to this website in the future. And, we are constantly adding features and functionality to enhance the graphic effects of each program.